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Training volume

1 participant / 1 week PHA



theory, video:

swimming pool:


15 hours

10 hours

3 hours

2 hours

30 hours

Training includes
  • individual skills and skating

  • simple combinations

  • cross-ice scrimmage and whole-ice games

  • powerskating - effective skating training

  • aerobics a stretching – profesional instructor

  • games in the gym and outside - coordination, strength, speed, endurance and flexibility

  • regeneration in the swimming pool

  • theory, video – techniques, tactics and procedures of the individual skills

Mental training
Skills, ability and motivation
  • effort, self-discipline, positive thinking, respect, honesty, self-confidence

  • teambuilding games focusing on team basics

  • motivational videoclips with music focused on motivation and inspiration 

Goalie training
Under the leadership of the head coach and assistant demonstrator
  • Instruction and practice on ice:

    • technical skills, group and individual work

  • Theory, video analysis of the most effective styles of the best goalkeepers in the world

  • more information: GOALIES

Tournaments and competitions
  • PHA Team of the Week​​

    • It takes place throughout the week and all team activities are evaluated


  • PHA Team Challenge and PHA Cup

    • Team tournaments


  • PHA Skills Competition

    • Which team has the best skills on the ice?


  • PHA Rookie All-Stars Team

    • Novice competition

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