DEPOSIT: (Pay if you've got the information about your participation. From non-EU countries the bank fee is extra.)

300 Eur.



BALANCE: (Pay in cash at the opening day)

490 Eur.



790 Eur.



1. For two or more participants from one family , the discount is 50 EUR from the total price for each.

2. There is also a discount of EUR 50 from the total price for goalies.

For payments (or transfers) in CZK according to the current daily exchange rate to EUR in Komerční banka.

Conditions for participants

  1. The adequate age and minimum of 2-year skating and stickhandling practice.

  2. The registration is valid only when the deposit is paid.

  3. Bring with you: health and liability insurance, all hockey equipment, gym clothing, athletic shoes, swimsuit. (A letter will be sent 1 - 2 weeks before the course for more information).

  4. If the number of registered participants would be too low, the course will be canceled and the deposit refunded.

  5. Each participant and his / her parents accept with this registration the “PHA-Rules'' as a commitment during the whole course. If the participant dangerously breaks the “PHA-Rules”, PHA-head of coaching is allowed to suspend him from the PHA. The money for the rest of the course will be refunded to his parents.

Cancellation Policy

The application becomes binding upon payment of the deposit. If a participant unsubscribes:

until 31. 05. 2022 - cancellation fee is 20% of the deposit,

after 31. 05. 2022 - cancellation fee is 50% of the deposit,


from 01. 07. 2022 - cancellation fee is 100% of the deposit.