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🇺🇸 PHA has a new logo and marketing team

Pro Hockey Academy started off the second quarter of the century with a visual change. After long 25 years the logo was modernized and the marketing team was expanded.

From 1994 to 2020, Pro Hockey Academy presented itself with a logo dominated by bright dark blue color, crossed hockey sticks, hockey player and the PHA inscription. During this spring, Pro Hockey Academy began working with Score Media Productions, and together came up with the idea to modernize the logo. "Our main goal was to prepare a modern logo that would respect the characteristics of the original logo, which was successful thanks to the willingness of Mr. Ryžuk to experiment and we are glad that this badge from our workshop can now represent the PHA," says Lukáš Mayer, the first of a couple of names hiding behind the brand Score Media Productions.

However, the new logo does not mean the end of the old one. "I agreed with the visual change, but the condition was to use the old badge, which represents the entire Pro Hockey Academy, in further cooperation and subsequent joint projects," says Jiří Ryžuk, one of the founders of PHA. "We have reached an agreement that a new logo will be used for marketing purposes," adds Ryžuk.

"The logo was already on display this year, mainly due to its use in audiovisual materials and on social media. Now it has also been used on the newly built modern and intuitive website, which we have prepared for the PHA,” says Pavel Hrubý from Score Media Productions.

Pavel Hrubý and Lukáš Mayer are also in charge of marketing of Pro Hockey Academy. “We believe that cooperation will be beneficial for both parties. We can already reveal that one big surprise is being prepared, which we plan to present at the turn of November and December,” concludes Mayer.


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