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Pro hockey academy is on of the most successful hockey schools. Not only for skaters. We have a special goaltenders camp at the same time. This is an original and very effective combination of a special goalie practice and team training. Goalie makes an individual improvement, but this whole week he is the key-player for his team.

Dominik Hašek

“There is nothing better than the feeling when my teammates come to me after a successful game and we enjoy the victory scream together. That's the true reason for me to play hockey.”

Special program

Goalkeepers complete in addition to the team program.
  • instruction on ice in groups of 4-6 goalkeepers

  • individual practice on ice

  • theoretical preparation - eg. goalie equipment, etc.

  • analysis of goalie technique using video

  • motivational video - the best goalkeepers in the world (Olympic Games, World Championships and CZE-Extraliga)

Content and goals of training on ice
  1. stance / set position (correct size of the stick, etc.)

  2. goalie skating

    • forward, backward, shuffle, t-push

  3. saves

    • glove

    • blocker

    • butterfly

    • stick

    • slide

    • skates

  4. puck Handling, passing and shooting​

  5. game situation drills

  6. new catching techniques

Content and goals of off-ice training
  • the importance of dryland training for hockey goalies

  • the difference between the dryland preparation of the goalkeeper and the player

  • streching

  • mental preparation

  • diet

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